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Hi Lalabs!

I would love to share to you the deepest, darkest secrets of my life. Β By becoming a member, you get to experience everything I have to bare, and then some. Β You get to read my experiences every Mondays, my fantasies on Wednesday and I would try to answer all your sex-related questions in my “What’s In My Inbox” section every Friday. Don’t worry, anything you tell to me, is something we would keep secret. Sshhhh….

  • If you are paying via bank transfer using PHP, it’s 1,300.00 for 3 months.
  • All payments are non-refundable after you purchase your membership.
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196 reviews for Site Membership

  1. King

    Lalabs so Pretty And so hot.

  2. Al abelarde

    Hello lalabs

  3. Alvin lloyd

    Im so excited lalabs

  4. JoJo Frias

    Hi! Lalalabs..

  5. Christopher Cruz

    How can i avail, i dont have paypal or credit card.

  6. Kash


  7. Ian reyes


  8. Ian reyes

    How can avail this lalabs.

  9. Alpha_chris


  10. JayZ


  11. bbot lacanilao


  12. Glenn Nepomuceno


  13. jon patrick

    Labs pano mag sign up?

  14. Andre

    Hot πŸ”₯

  15. Alex Baculo

    5 star

  16. Alex Baculo


  17. boggz


  18. John Michael Crisostomo (verified owner)

    Just signed up. πŸ™‚

  19. Henry

    Great web

  20. Henry


  21. Paulo_00000

    Hi lalabs

  22. Ryan

    Can’t wait

  23. Paulo_00000


  24. JB Blanco (verified owner)


  25. Victor

    Damn sensual. I like it.

  26. Nogi Siao


  27. jessie villanueva


  28. jessie villanueva


  29. Wyvern


  30. Japhet

    Sexy and hot

  31. paul

    Pno mag sign up po


    Malapit na pasukan 😁

  33. jason

    hi lalabs

  34. jayr munez (verified owner)

    Wow grabi sobrang hot

  35. Dave Ron

    Paano po mag sign up Ms. Guru? 😊

  36. Vic

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  37. Bob Howard


  38. Bob Howard


  39. Mark almond Salvador (verified owner)

    Hi lalabs

  40. Ken Par (verified owner)

    Your so hot suarez hope we will meet someday πŸ˜‰

  41. Bong Decena (verified owner)

    Hi Lalabs. I’m so excited about this one. It will be a great honor to read and learn from your experience. πŸ˜™

  42. asphycixa

    How to sign up

  43. Francisco Anderson (verified owner)

    Looking forward

  44. wangbu salonga


  45. Rio Bajang (verified owner)

    Love this

  46. Kardo Dalisay (verified owner)

    Lapit na pasukan woooh

  47. Rafael Arenas

    Wow so sexy and hot

  48. Jon snow


  49. Rafael Arenas

    Omg so sexy and hot

  50. Jon snow


  51. James amantiad


  52. chard acalain

    im so excited lalabs

  53. Vince Calucag (verified owner)

    Kelan ang pasukan?

  54. ariel

    You look great

  55. rayajgarcia

    love u lalabs

  56. rayajgarcia

    luv this

  57. Paul John Estrella (verified owner)

    Thanks lalabs for free trial.. Love you.. Mwuuaahh

  58. emerson

    Hi lalabs

  59. ador

    Hi idol

  60. Wez


  61. Wez

    Damn hot!

  62. steven ace


  63. Ronnie thompkins

    Hi lalabz

  64. Sonny Destura

    Excited na sa start ng class mo lalabs hehe

  65. Nikko


  66. jeffrey de leon


  67. cyreg


  68. cyreg

    Thanks for free trial

  69. chad david (verified owner)

    member atlast

  70. Real

    hi idol

  71. Donskie

    Hi idol

  72. Jerwin Mark Rances

    Im so excited

  73. Bon Nuhi

    Hi idol

  74. James Carlo Malabanan


  75. jam


  76. jam


  77. Mark


  78. Tope

    wow ,πŸ”₯😘

  79. jon davis


  80. Fred sanford


  81. Fred sanford

    Ganda naman

  82. Kevin Roben (verified owner)

    Wishing u all success. We love u always po. Thank u for intearacting with yr fans

  83. Joker Joke (verified owner)


  84. Xed g

    Thumbs up

  85. thom cruz

    good for adult

  86. thom cruz

    i need this site

  87. Kian

    Ur so hot talaga idol…

  88. Adrian castro (verified owner)


  89. Mr.BoGo


  90. jason


  91. David Guison (verified owner)

    Signed Up already

  92. Vj Arrozal


  93. Racelee

    Wish you all the best para sa diary mo lalabs.
    Sana mag tagal to.
    Magagamit ko to para sa thesis.Amen

  94. Jayr Munez (verified owner)

    Hi pwede e share ko lalabs sex experience ko?

  95. Jayr Munez (verified owner)


  96. Jayr Munez (verified owner)


  97. MD NOOR EZAM BIN HAZAMAN (verified owner)

    Hi bridget.. Done signed in.. So excited

  98. ron

    Wishing u all success. We love u always po.

  99. Daryl Dela Cruz (verified owner)

    Orayt!! First day of class

  100. cjcruise

    ill try

  101. Rammel Pascual (verified owner)


  102. bry (verified owner)

    Nice story☺

  103. Jhun umali


  104. Jc R. Bocaling

    Looking forward for your awesome experience lalabs

  105. gerald


  106. Al abelarde

    Mode of payment?

  107. jemil

    Free Trial

  108. Jhunix umali


  109. Al abelarde

    Haist hirap…

  110. Bachie


  111. Bachie


  112. Clayde22

    Booom πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  113. Clayde22


  114. Nare tharu


  115. Jonner

    Hi BridgetπŸ˜€

  116. Jonner


  117. Sonny Destura


  118. Francis Rafael


  119. Francis Rafael

    Libido up!!!

  120. Francis Rafael

    Hello Idol!! Free lang to huhu

  121. Jv

    Good and still has room for improvement

  122. Marc Mostales


  123. Marc Mostales

    please please

  124. Jay


  125. JayM


  126. Reynaldo raymundo


  127. Reynaldo raymundo


  128. Reynaldo raymundo


  129. stravel

    Gs2 q sna mag sign up olats nmn pera ngaun lalabz hehe ganda mu tlga

  130. Ron v.

    So hot

  131. Phil

    How to subscribe?

  132. Blazing


  133. huwangbu


  134. paul

    more daring

  135. Mrblurr


  136. Gittarackur


  137. jeffrey bayaborda (verified owner)

    worth every penny

  138. dennis


  139. Jeffrey de Lima

    It’s a good page… Glad you’ve created this! How to subscribe? 😊

  140. JosEph

    How to become a member lalabs?

  141. SGstag

    Nice website and.would like to be a member

  142. Jerecho

    Very nice

  143. Arnold goya

    Pls sign me up pls im begging you. Cause im too late

  144. bobmarley

    ang hot mo babe πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

  145. Mike

    Damn hot

  146. John rhey


  147. jefferson

    your ao hot.

  148. Frank kam

    Super Hot

  149. Allan paulo

    How to sigh up..?

  150. psychokiks

    Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!

  151. Aldrich


  152. Lemuel unabia


  153. Al abelarde

    How to become a member?

  154. Peter

    How to avail a 1month free trial?

    • Administrator (verified owner)

      Our 1-month free trial is already done for June. Watch out for July for the next promo. πŸ™‚

  155. jeffrey de leon


  156. josEph

    I really want to subscribe but i dont know where i could sign up?

  157. mark

    can i use my debit card here in italy?

  158. jared dometita

    Paano ba maging member dto?

  159. Marlon

    Why can’t I find the subscription process/steps for 3 months using PayPal? Admin please? Thanks a lot and more power!!!

  160. James

    Exciting 😍

  161. Auldrey

    Exciting lalabs

  162. Ruben ariguin

    Hello.. want to be a member kso hirap mg sign in. Pls lalabs…

  163. Al abelarde


  164. Karlo


  165. Asher

    Lalabs pnu mging member?tnx

  166. Asher

    lalabz pnu mging member

  167. heyhunkmb


  168. Teddy

    Just subscribed

  169. Ian Erik Mamiit (verified owner)

    Paypal and prepaid credit card payment error

  170. Deydey

    Pano ako makakapag avail?

  171. Yaj


  172. Yaj

    Hi po idol

  173. joffrey cruz


  174. AlexReyes


  175. Yaj

    Hi idol

    • Bridget Suarez

      Hello lalabs!

  176. Japs

    How to avail lalabs

  177. ronald.delacruz05

    Yung BPI account na may 16 digit yung gagamit pag BDO deposits ang gagawin kong form of payment?

    • Administrator (verified owner)

      We are currently fixing our payment methods. As of today, BPI and Sterling are the only payment methods. We would resume BDO soon.

  178. yaj0628

    Hi po idol done for payment thru bdo

    • Administrator (verified owner)

      Hello Lalabs! Please reply to the email with proof of payment. Thanks!

  179. yaj0628

    Done sending to your email idol the proof of payment

  180. hazwan20121991

    How to pay via paypal

    • Administrator (verified owner)

      It would tell you once you check out.

  181. jhanlouiealderitegardose

    Your so hot..

  182. jhanlouiealderitegardose

    Your so na hot…hmmmmm..

  183. einnor.orravan

    Give me some sex advice how to satisfy a girl

  184. johnkistah17

    I cant view your diary. It says ooops that page cant be found. Every link i clicked says the same error message. And ive been a member since july

    • Bridget Suarez

      Hello lalabs! Ahhh you need to sign up and become my member to view the content of my site.

  185. mhugs08

    Hi lalabs sana makapag shooy us

  186. nlrbaylen (verified owner)

    I like the articles, they were informative, and… stimulating πŸ™‚

    But can I get a refund on the Polaroid Fansign? I purchased it on September 11, 2017. I never received it nor got a heads-up that it was delayed or any info about when will it be sent.

    Here is the screenshot of my order

    Thank you…

    • Bridget Suarez

      Hello lalabs we already did the polaroid shoot and will sent it to you. Sorry for the delay lalabs

  187. Michael Cervantes (verified owner)

    I already have a deposit slip but i cant send thru your email add

  188. fuckboy

    I’m gonna fuck you real hard.

  189. callmenadz (verified owner)

    Bring back the paypal option or email me at my username so i can re subricbe

  190. jordie0730

    Where is the paypal option for the payment?

  191. martin.cabugao

    pwede bang credit card?

  192. roychua30000

    Hi please help nag deposit na ako but i cant email the deposit slip sabe cannot be send daw. do you have other email? Thanks!

    • Bridget Suarez

      Hello!!! Please send me your payment slip in my email address to activate your account. Thank you.

  193. mark_armedilla (verified owner)

    Please bring back the option to pay with Paypal. Or even a local credit card.

  194. Vinito

    hello i just paid through gcash but upon review i made a mistake by putting subscription# rather order# what should i do? thanks!

  195. fluigialcantara2019 (verified owner)

    Paano b to gamitin, subscribe n kc ko for 3 months member. ?

  196. kjbjalop

    Naka subscribe na ako for 3 months pano po ba to?

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