Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions section Lalabs! These are some of the questions I commonly get in the mail box. So instead of having to answer them one at a time and all over again, here they are. Read up! This list would actually grow over time.

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No. I work hard writing my life and doing videos for your enjoyment.

They are all over the diary. Take the time to read my life. Don’t be lazy.

I don’t think so. It’s just my life unraveled and bare for you to see.

It’s all over my diary. Read.

Not through my site, but during my guestings and live events you can say hi.

We only offer refunds if you encounter any technical problems. More often than not, my admin is able to handle those. You cannot get a refund just because you change your mind.

Sure. Surprise me. 

Well, you just need to sign up and see for yourself. 

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