Bridget Suarez x Christine Te Nano (Xmas Special Teaser)

Hi Lalabs!

I have known Christine for years now, we’ve been together in different events such as car shows, shows, ushering, bar tours etc. We got close to each other and became good friends. So I thought of having you guys to know more about her too! We are featuring Ms. Christine Te Nano for our Christmas Special Edition. To know more about our special guest, like her desires, thoughts and experiences … watch my naughty interview with her. We have exclusive photos and videos also, so you better watch out this holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!!!

6 Replies to “Bridget Suarez x Christine Te Nano (Xmas Special Teaser)”

  1. Kristoffer Bayhon says:

    I hope this comes soon! Next year renew ako. I heard more good stuff are coming especially for Feb 2018.

  2. mrgulaman20 says:

    Yan lang po ba yung pictures sa guesting ni Christine?

    1. Bridget Suarez says:

      We don’t post fully naked on my site. This is about having them exclusive interview which these girls or my friends don’t normally post in social medias like their sexual experiences.

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